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Weather in Iceland is higly unpredictable, so outdoor wear must be capable of delvering on promisises of protection.Arctic cold blowing from the north is forever colliding with Gulf Stream warmth sweeping past   capable of delivering on promises of protection. Arctic cold blowing down from the north is forever colliding with Gulf Stream warmth sweeping past from the south. These temperature contrasts inflict radical changes in the weather from day to day, and often hour to hour. In this kind of environment, quality outdoor wear can make all the difference.


ZO-ON's founder, an avid outdoors person all his life, tired of sports clothing that couldn’t protect against Iceland’s ever-changing weather conditions. Being wet and cold is not an option when hiking in the highlands. On a backcountry trail one afternoon he decided to develop a better way of making outdoor clothes, clothes that would keep active people drier and more comfortable, that could withstand Iceland’s climate.


Whatever the weatherbecame ZO-ON’s slogan for protective sports apparel that could deal with the climate challenges in Iceland. That was about 17 years ago. Since then our outdoor performance wear has built up a huge following among active people who enjoy snow sports, hiking and golfing, as well as those who want quality protection when walking around town.


Over the last few years, ZO-ON has been selling sportswear apparel internationally. The concept is that clothes designed to withstand Icelandic conditions - clothes Born in Iceland - could handle most any weather anywhere. That was the start of an adventure that gets more exciting every year. And it's satisfying to hear from people internationally who say that ZO-ON outdoor wear is just what they had been looking for!


We at ZO-ON deliver on our promise of ensuring quality protection. This gives you the freedom to enjoy being outdoors, because ZO-ON takes the worry out of weather.


ZO-ON whatever the weather!

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